Known among programmers for being a method of analysing code, rubber duck debugging can also help you deal with a wide range of workplace difficulties in an effective and self-fulfilling way.

If you do not feel like getting involved in a conversation with a duck-shaped piece of rubber which acts as a silent interlocutor, then you probably want to give these alternatives a try.

Alternative 1: The Email

First alternative consists of preparing an email to be sent to colleagues. You start writing the following content in a clear and concise way:

  • Summary of the problem;
  • Difficulties being faced with some details;
  • Approaches already considered.

You often come up with a solution by yourself during the writing process so no email needs to be sent.

If you finish writing the email and no solution comes to mind, that’s fine too; you’re going to raise a worth-noting issue by sending the email, so none of your time was wasted after all!

Alternative 2: The List of Questions

Similar to the above, you prepare a list of questions you need to ask someone. During the preparation, you often clarify your doubts all by yourself.

Alternative 3: The Chatbot

Haven’t tried it yet, but I think talking to ELIZA can also be a valid alternative.